Timothy Joseph Lashley

Timothy Joseph Lashley

Age: 31
Height: 170cm
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue-green
Special Skills: Singing・Magic.・Play music(Gutar.Piano.Flute.Piccolo.Bassoon).
Scene and Set Design・Lighting Design.
Costume design・Make-up.
Languages: English・Russian・Some Japanese

2006Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dramatic Arts
University of South Alabama

Extensive experience in TV.・Stage and Film.

■Commercial acting
Verizon・Cock of the Walk・Jitney Jungle.・K&B

Acting Big River(Musical)・Hodge Podge ・As you Like it.
Chairs ・"Various other Plays"
Lighting Design Scopin・ Snake island

Poetry. "Secret Jazz" "4am. Verisimilitude" "On the corner"
Plays written and produced
"Halcyon" "Church is a Country Club" "Hodge Podge"

  • Timoyhy アプリ デビット・セインの「2単語英語でGO!」ビジネス編  制作協力